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"Brian was phenomenal... his sincerity and professionalism is second to none!"

Brian was phenomenal in his representation of my case. He went over and above on all levels and continued to follow up well after the case was complete. His sincerity and professionalism is second to none! Thank you Brian for all you've done for me!!

Former Client
      "I wanted someone that would take my issues as their issues; Mr. McGinity turned out to be that person."

      I wanted someone that would take my issues as their issues; Someone who would care enough about the outcome to push and drive the issues to resolution, and in my favor. Mr. McGinity turned out to be that person. He contacted my insurance company on my behalf, and submitted documentation and letters addressing errors that they made. He explained things that I did not understand related to bad faith and insurance, and set me down the correct path to resolve my issues. I have retained him on several different issues, and he has always been very professional, courteous, respectful, attentive, knowledgeable and helpful. He was willing and able to work with me on fees when I really needed it most, and for that I am extremely appreciative. Thank you Mr. McGinity!

      Former Client
      "He thinks like an attorney but has a heart and values like a true family man."

      I hired the Law Offices of Brian McGinity approximately one year ago for an extremely complicated, high conflict custody battle following my divorce in 2010. Brian is the 3rd attorney that I hired for this purpose. I started my case as Pro Per for 18 months until I lost primary custody of my children and then spent $6000 combined hiring two attorneys that did not affect any change. Almost a year after losing primary custody of my children, I was losing hope that ANY attorney would be able to help me or understand how to assist me with achieving my goals. I had ZERO faith in attorneys in general at this point and was convinced that every single attorney was a crook. I was given Brian’s name by a co-worker and I contacted his office and spoke with the Office Manager and Paralegal, Michelle . Michelle listened intently as I told her my horrific, spiraling story regarding my experiences in Sacramento County Family Court. At this time, I was an emotional wreck but Michelle just saw me as Mama Bear trying desperately to protect her cubs. It was the first time that anyone listened and CARED. She said, “I think Brian can help you.” Brian was very direct when we met with them. He told us that it was going to be a challenge and we may not get what we want right away. He gave us CLEAR expectations of what the process would be and notified us as those things changed. He gave us a list of tasks that would need to be completed on our end and we did everything that he asked. Michelle was able to work with us regarding a payment plan. We didn’t know what the bill would be in the end but we knew we couldn’t afford it so we committed to paying whatever we could pay them on a weekly basis until we built up enough money to really work on our case. I can honestly say now that Brian and Michelle know my case as though they had a PERSONAL stake in it. They “get it”. They understand that these cases are not cases. These cases are FAMILIES with CHILDREN whose lives are affected by these court orders every single day. Brian is fabulous in the courtroom and is really a legal/eagle. He thinks like an attorney but has a heart and values like a true family man. He does NOT make promises that he cannot keep. He is REAL. I had never met Michelle before calling her that day but since I have come to know her and she has supported me and given me advice through this process, she is more than just a friend to me. She is a wonderful role model. I am not the same person that made that first phone call. Over this past year, and primarily because of the Law Offices of Brian McGinity, I have grown, changed and learned so many things that impact my life on a daily basis. I do not know that I have changed my opinion about attorneys in general, but I can tell you that I would not judge a book by its cover any longer. Last night, my husband was reunited with my children that had not seen him in almost two years. My son was over the moon!! My daughter said that her birthday wish came true! My family has been reunited and it couldn’t have happened without the help of the Law Offices of Brian McGinity. Our family will be forever grateful to them.

      K. H.
      "They REALLY care about their clients... they truly care about you and your case."

      I usually don't write reviews but I want to write this review for my great lawyers. I have had to use lawyers in the past and usually I thought all they wanted is money from there clients. Brian is not like any other lawyers out there. They REALLY care about there clients. My wife and I met Brian last year in January or February of 2013. We have a custody case with my wife's ex- husband. When we walked into there office they were friendly, nice and caring. We told them our situation and what we wanted the out come to be. They were straight forward with us. Brian told us our case was going to be expensive but he did not want all the money up front like most lawyers. We were able to make payments to get the retainer fee up before we went to court. That helped so much. Brian did so many things for my wife and myself that most lawyers would not do. In this year that we have come to know them, they have become family to us. My wife and I could have never gotten so far, so quick and so easy if it was not for Brian. If you want lawyers who truly care about you, your case and will do everything they can to help you get what you want. Then it is my opinion you should hire the McGinity Law Office.

      Former Client

      I don't know anything about Brian McGinity but I called him because my former employer had recommended someone in the area. Brian gave me a great referral and didn't ask for anything in return. 


      Thank you Brian for your AMAZING customer service!


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