White Collar Crimes

El Dorado County White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney 

“White collar crime” is an umbrella term that includes a variety of criminal activities. Generally, these crimes involve a person or group participating in a scheme to illegally gain financial benefits. When these operations involve large dollar amounts, state and federal prosecutors often pursue felony charges. This is precisely why white collar crimes are so complex: both state and federal agencies can conduct investigations and pursue charges. 

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Common Examples of White Collar Crimes

Although there are many types of white collar crimes, each specific offense typically involves a scam, scheme, or other fraudulent behavior. These crimes are generally nonviolent, but the financial impact they can have on victims is severe. 

Common white collar crimes include: 

  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Bribery
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Insider trading
  • Issuing bad checks
  • Tax evasion

If you have been charged with any white collar crime, the prosecutor likely has what they believe is compelling evidence to convict you. Just because prosecutors have evidence, does not mean you are guilty. Whether you are under investigation for these crimes or already face charges, do not delay. Get the help of our white collar criminal defense attorney in El Dorado County.

Fraud Crimes

Fraud is a common white collar crime that encompasses a variety of offenses. Tax, medical, and securities fraud are just a few examples of fraud. 

Essentially, fraud is two things

  • Deceiving a person or organization for financial gains
  • Using deception to avoid criminal liability 

Some fraud offenses, like forging a deed, are always prosecuted as felonies in California. Other violations such as unemployment insurance or check fraud are “wobbler offenses.” These charges can either be misdemeanors or felonies depending on a defendant’s criminal record and the nature of the alleged crime. 

Because fraud charges are unique to a defendant’s situation, an attorney must provide a tailored defense strategy. At the McGinity Law Office, we are hands on with every client’s case and never default to a one-size-fits-all defense. Hiring us when you face fraud charges means you will get an advocate who is dedicated to telling your story in court and refuting the prosecution’s claims. 

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