• Answers to Common Questions

    • I have been charged with a criminal offense. What does this mean?

      Upon being charged with a criminal offense, there are three categories: 

      1. Misdemeanors

      Crimes that are likely to be charged under the misdemeanor category include public intoxication, theft, and trespassing. A misdemeanor can result in a sentence for up to a year in prison. Additionally, misdemeanors often result in a fine between $1,000 to $2,000. 

      2. Felonies

      Felonies are used as the most significant criminal charges. A felony may result in life in prison or probation. Crimes that may be included under this category include domestic violence, some cases of DUI, murder, manslaughter, and assault. 

      3. Infractions

      Infractions do not result in prison time. Often times, these include traffic violations or various other minor issues. Infractions may result in a fine, and typically do not result in a full trial. Infractions are the least severe of all criminal offenses in the state of California. 

    • I was convicted of a sex crime. What do I do now?

      In addition to the potential jail time and fines you may be facing, many sex offenders are placed on the sex offender registry for the majority (or rest) of their lives. If you have been convicted of a sex crime, you must find legal representation immediately

    • What are my rights if I was charged with a crime?

      As an American Citizen, even after charged with a crime or arrested, you have the right to: 

      - Contact and hire an attorney to defend you

      - Remain silent and refuse to answer any questions 

      - Stop talking at any given moment, even if you have begun answering

      - Make one phone call after you are arrested and booked

      You can find our 24/7 arrest line in the contact information.